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Botanical Body Lotion

Moisturizing Body Lotions from EO® and Everyone™ deliver active botanicals right where your body needs them: your skin. Our Body Lotions are non-GMO, cruelty free, synthetic fragrance free, gluten free, made with organic ingredients, and always scented with pure essential oils.

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20 Item(s)


"I just wanted to thank you guys for making the French lavender body lotion. My 2 and 7 year old have eczema and the MD wanted to place them on a steroid cream. I did not pick the prescription. Instead I looked for a natural product that would work. I found your lotion at a department store and prayed it would work. I thank my Lord it did! Not one flare up since using your product. My 2 year old daughter just had a flare up tonight and we are out of lotion. I am going to buy as many bottles as my husband and I can afford for her and her three sisters tomorrow. Thank you again, and many blessings to you and yours."

- Sincerely, The Hardesty Family

"It seems like I've tried almost every lotion from every natural manufacturer in the past two weeks but because of the smell or consistency, it makes its way back to the store. Then I discovered your grapefruit & mint body lotion. Going through chemo sucks every ounce of moisture from my skin but also makes me very sensitive to smells; this lotion is almost like a magic elixir :) as the smell is innocuously understated but still very pleasing and the viscosity is enough to be saturating but not so heavy that it leaves a film.  So thank you. Thank you for creating a product that is natural, that is understated and that is reasonably priced."

-Warmly and sincerely, Melissa

"I love, love, love the coconut & vanilla with tangerine everyday body lotion. Please don't let me be without it. I first purchased my bottle at Quapaw Spa in Hot Springs. I just absolutely love this fragrance. Thank you and continued good luck with your product line!"

--Elaine L. Rocholl