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The sanctuary of a bath is one of life’s simple luxuries. Our EO® Bath Collection contains Bubble Baths, Bath Soaks and Shower Gels made from some of the best ingredients on the planet. Coconut-derived cleansers, California and Himalayan Sea Salts and aromatherapeutic essential oil blends come together in a bath collection that will leave you refreshed and smelling great.

Our Bubble Baths pair botanical extracts with soothing essential oil blends for a grown up bubble bath that will leave you touchably soft and gently scented.

Our Bath Soaks are made from a blend of Himalayan Pink Salt and California Sea Salt paired with essential oil blends for a soothing, replenishing bath experience your skin will thank you for.

Our Shower Gels combine botanical extracts, gentle Coconut-derived cleansers and pure essential oils. Organic extracts of Aloe, Chamomile, Calendula, and White Tea soothe and soften skin while exotic essential oil blends uplift mind, body, and spirit.


For some of the world, water is hard to come by. California is currently experiencing a record setting drought which has got us all thinking about how we can conserve water. Even in areas where water seems abundant, using water-saving measures can reduce the strain on septic systems and (by way of reducing water flow in municipal water systems) sewage systems.

Here at EO, we’re crazy about baths. Hot water with thick, rich Coconut-derived bubbles and pure essential oils….sigh. Soaking in a bath is great for sore muscles and stress. But, if you’re conserving water, a bath is wasteful.

Rather than admit defeat, we decided to figure out how to make our favorite baths guilt-free. Here’s a three step plan that should equal to using less water and enjoying those nice, long baths:

Make the Switch to Low Flow 
By installing aerators on your faucets, low flow shower heads and low flow toilets your household will have saved hundreds of gallons a year.

Use all the Water
This sounds like a no-brainer but most of us waste water without even thinking about it. We leave the water on while we brush our teeth or shave. Just turning off the water while we brush can save enough water to take ten baths a year. Another great water-saving tip: keep a bucket in the bathroom and use it to catch the cold water that gets wasted while you wait for the shower or bath water to warm up. This water can be used for gardening, washing your car or any other cleaning job.

Use Water Twice
Relax, we’re not suggesting that you employ the ancient practice of sharing bathwater with other members of the household. We are suggesting you reuse your bathwater. The water used in your bath or shower is called ‘greywater.' Most plants thrive on the extra nutrients found in greywater and you may be able to save even more water by watering your houseplants and gardens. A simple search for 'gardens and greywater' will provide more information.

If you follow these three steps you could save enough water in a year to justify frequent baths, even in a drought.