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Certified Organic Deodorant

The best way to stay fresh all day is to eliminate odor at its source. Organic Ethanol is naturally antiseptic, killing bacteria before it can cause odor. Blended with pure, organic essential oils, these effective Deodorant Sprays are the perfect way to stay fresh and clean, organically.

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

EO® Organic Deodorant is effective and scented with pure, organic essential oils so you can stay fresh all day. Our Organic Deodorants work without the harmful additives that are found in so many deodorants. EO Deodorants are made with Organic Ethanol (naturally antiseptic) and pure, organic essential oil blends that are carefully crafted to keep you fresh, cool, and clean.


Q. What eliminates odor? 
A. The Organic Alcohol derived from non-GMO Sugar Cane is effective against odor causing bacteria.

Q. How often should I apply? 
A. Typically once daily or as needed. EO Deodorant is safe to use multiple times per day.

Q. Will EO Deodorants reduce my sweat? 
A. No, our Deodorants are not antiperspirants.

Q. How long does a 4-ounce bottle last? 
A. A 4-ounce bottle should last about two months with regular use.

Q. How long will a single application prevent body odor? 
A. A single application should prevent body odor for the entire day. Some people may need to use the Deodorants more than once a day.