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Premium Botanical Hand Sanitizers


99.9% effective against common germs, EO® Hand Sanitizers contain beautiful smelling essential oils that leave hands subtly scented, refreshed, and clean. Staying healthy on the go is easy with the best hand sanitizers, available in multiple sizes. No sticky residue is left behind and Vitamin E and Vegetable Glycerin ensure that hands won’t dry out, even after frequent use.

Over on our blog, our co-founder Susan has some tips on five creative ways to use your Hand Sanitizer, besides cleaning your hands.

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20 Item(s)


When soap and water aren’t available hand sanitizers can get your hands clean and free from germs.

Our hand sanitizers are made from organic ethanol and pure essential oils. Vitamin E and Vegetable Glycerin are also inside to moisturize and soothe hands. Our sanitizers come in three beautiful scents; Citrus, Peppermint and Lavender. We also have an unscented formula.

Our Citrus family of sanitizers come in 2oz Sweet Orange Spray and 2oz Lemon Gel. These uplifting scents are great for kids and easy to carry in a bag or purse.

Our Peppermint sanitizers come in the ultra-portable .33oz size and the 2oz spray. These are the sanitizers that inspired our breath spray with their minty-fresh scent.

We love our lavender sanitizers. Available in gels, sprays, and bamboo fiber wipes in .33oz, 2oz, 8oz and 32oz sizes so you can get one for you and one for someone you love. The larger sizes are great for workplaces, schools, and large gatherings. For those who prefer no scent we also carry a 32oz unscented sanitizer.

Non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Triclosan Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free, Gluten Free, scented with essential oils and made with natural and organic ingredients.


EO Hand Sanitizers are an environmentally friendly way to have clean hands on the go. But these delightfully scented, anti microbial little sprays, gels and wipes can do more than keep your hands clean.

Whether it’s a pair of dress shoes that have been unused long enough to smell musty or those athletic shoes that have been getting a lot of use lately, EO & Everyone Hand Sanitizers can be used as a deodorizing and sanitizing spray for shoes. We took the sole out and sprayed the sole as well as the footbed with EO Sweet Orange Sanitizer Spray. The result? Clean, great smelling shoes with very little effort.

Spills on your desk at work, the car dashboard or your computer case are unexpected and we don’t always have our favorite cleaner on hand. Hand Sanitizers make an excellent quick cleaner for on the go jobs. The Lavender wipes are the best for quick spills and great smelling clean up.

Car Scent
Cars don’t always smell great. From dogs to kids to that stuff we walked through, our cars get a lot of mileage inside too. Hand Sanitizers can be used as a gentle, natural car scent.

Need a quick clean on your reading or sunglasses? A quick spray of our liquid Hand Sanitizers and a wipe with gentle cloth can clear lenses up quickly and effectively.


Q. Why do you use alcohol in your sanitizers?
A. We use organic alcohol because it is proven to be 99.9% effective against most common germs. We have explored other sanitizing options, but find they are often not as effective, contain pesticides, or are produced using methods that are not sustainable. We do not use Thymol because it is classified as a pesticide and is not biodegradable. We do not use Benzalkonium Chloride because it is a toxin and is linked to many health issues. We do not use Triclosan because it can cause skin irritation, is not biodegradable, and is a water contaminate.

Q. Where is the alcohol derived from?
A. It is derived from organically grown sugar cane that is grown for us in Argentina and Brazil. We have long-standing relationships with these distillers.

Q. Are the sanitizers safe for children?
A. Yes, they are safe for children to use, but should not be used near eyes or mouth.

Q. What ingredient kills the germs and what germs do they kill?
A. Alcohol is the ingredient in our hand sanitizer that has been proven to be 99.9% effective at against most common germs.

Q. What’s the difference between EO sanitizers and other sanitizers?
A. EO sanitizers use organic, non-GMO alcohol which is unique to us. Our sanitizers do not contain triclosan, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colors – all of which have known toxic effects on humans and the environment.


"I just wanted to write a quick email to let you know how much my family loves and appreciates your product.  My husband honestly won't use anything else!  A few years ago we were in a Whole Foods shop and were walking out to our car after making a few purchases and we grabbed a quick pump of the sanitizer they have near the door.  It was love at first application!  We were first struck with how it lacked the typical 'burn' of antibacterial gels and then the scent hit our noses.  Oh my! Since that time we've had 2 little boys and are so happy to have a product that I feel safe using on their hands.  Winters like this one, that seem to go on and a on and on, our hands get dry.  Who wants to put an alcohol filled sanitizer on already cracked hands?  Not me!  Your non-drying solution is perfect. We are a military family and just recently moved to our new base and sadly don't have a health food store nearby that sells your product.  I was thrilled this morning to find that I can order online and wanted to let you know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and noses for making a sanitizer that we enjoy putting on ourselves and our family. We appreciate you!"

- Sarah Coenen

"My name is Maria Ortega and I am a makeup artist and hair stylist based in NYC. I am submitting my comment to simply thank EO for making such a wonderful hand sanitizer spray. I use the organic lavender one. Being that I am always using my hands to apply makeup and work near the face, I constantly have to use hand sanitizer and all the others I have tried have simply dried my hands. Some of my recent clients include Target, Converse, The Childrens Place and I have done makeup for Kate Nash, Snoop Dogg, Lauren Lyster, And many of the actresses from the hit show Orange is the New Black. On all these jobs, I faithfully carry my EO sanitizer spray and always promote it to any individual sitting in my makeup chair. Being a New Yorker, we always need hand sanitizing spray and this is by far the best. Thanks for such an amazing product that smells divine, is calming and doesn't dry out my hands."

- Maria Ortega