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When we decided to create a Baby Collection, we thought about our time as new parents. We can’t give you the missing sleep back, or even help you change those diapers, but we can offer products for your little one that are safe, gentle, and made with plant extracts. We’re proud to introduce our newest arrival: Everyone Baby – the mildest products we’ve ever made. Everyone loves babies!

Want to know what's in our Baby Collection? Check out our Baby Green Glossary for a full list of ingredients our products are made with.

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9 Item(s)


Q. What is the EWG rating on the ingredients you use in your baby collection?

A. None of the ingredients we use in these products score higher than 2 on the EWG hazard scale, meaning they are all verified to be low hazard. 

Q. Is your Baby Wash tear free?

A. Yes, our washes are tear free! We should mention that all soaps can be irritating to eyes, especially brand new eyes! We had our soaps tested for gentleness on little eyes, and the test results say that our baby washes should be the least irritating to eyes. We would never use an ingredient that functions as a numbing agent for tear ducts, which is how many products promise "tear free." Please keep all soaps away from eyes, but if some wash makes its way into your or your little one’s eyes, the irritation should be very minimal.

Q. Are your Baby Washes pH balanced?

A. Yes! We formulated our Baby Washes to have a pH around 5, which makes them neutral to our skin's natural pH level. 

Q. Is your Baby Wash & Lotion hypoallergenic?

A. Yes, our washes and lotions are hypoallergenic. While there is no industry certification for hypoallergenic, our products are formulated to be incredibly mild and have been tested to be relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. If you or your little one are experiencing a reaction, discontinue use immediately and see your health care provider if symptoms persist.

Q. Can I use this on myself or is it just for babies?

A. You can absolutely use this wash and lotion! We formulated these products to be gentle and effective on babies of any age. Your skin needs just as much love as your baby’s, so please feel free to borrow these mild products from your little one. Our Baby Collection is specifically designed to be gentle and effective, so these products are perfect for those with delicate skin or sensitivities to fragrance and heavy ingredients.

Q. What is the difference between the Baby Lotion and the 3-in-1 Lotion?

A. Our Baby Lotions are designed to be more light and mild than any product we’ve made before. Babies have particularly sensitive skin, so we wanted to create a Lotion that would be easy on delicate and brand new skin. Our Baby Lotion features different essential oil blends and Oat Beta Glucan, a skin-nourishing ingredient that can help soothe irritated skin. Just like everyone™ 3-in-1, Baby Lotion can be used all over, from sweet little head to tiny toes.

Q. Are Everyone Baby Wipes nontoxic?

A. Of course! We never use harmful, toxic ingredients in any of our products.

Q. My baby has diaper rash, can I still use Everyone Wipes?

A. Yes, you can. There are no ingredients in our Wipes that would further irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Q. How long will the Wipes last?

A. We recommend that the Wipes should be used within two months of opening. Be sure to keep the re-sealable flap securely closed to hold in moisture. Store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.